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Software as a service, SaaS Providers

Neural Blog, 31 August 2006

Software as a service, SaaS Providers
Software as a service, SaaS Providers
Software as a service, SaaS Providers
Software as a service, SaaS Providers

Software as a Service SaaS

on demand software

Software as a Service

SaaS evolved from the old ASP model that emerged, then fizzled, in the mid-to-late 1990s. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model differs fundamentally from traditional enterprise a

Software as a Service

SaaS evolved from the old ASP model that emerged, then fizzled, in the mid-to-late 1990s. SaaS differs from ASP in two key ways:

Instead of having a third party aggregate a selection of applications, the Independent Software Vendor (in this case Metafile) provides their own application as a service
While ASPs tend to be standardized applications, SaaS enables fine-tuned and more configurable offerings.
The SaaS model is poised to undergo rapid growth and to play a very meaningful role in redefining the software industry.

Enterprise content without the management. Metavieweronline offers imaging, workflow and report archival for a fixed monthly fee. We manage all your content at our world class datacenter.

MetaViewer Online is available for a fixed fee through our SaaS option. The full capabilities of MetaViewer are delivered to your desktop via the Web. Hosted by a secure and redundant world class data center, MetaViewer Online links all documents to your applications. And because it's a remotely hosted application, all software and documents are housed securely offsite—allowing you to capture, manage, and access your content without the expense of internal infrastructure and software licenses.

As the developer of the software, Metafile continually upgrades, supports, and seamlessly adds product enhancements to your system. We understand the ECM application, the hardware requirements, and your need for security and integrity better than anyone. We're in the best position to manage the delivery of your ECM solution.

Qualys Network Security

Security assessment, vulnerability management for service providers.

Qualys offers network security audits and vulnerability management to organizations of all sizes. QualysGuard, the company's flagship solution, is an on demand solution that enables organizations to:

Discover and prioritize all network assets
Proactively identify and fix security vulnerabilities
Prevent worms, viruses & trojan horses
Manage & reduce business risk
Ensure compliance with laws, regulations and
corporate security policies

QualysGuard Consultant is a per-scan [or per engagement] service that enables security auditors to scope and perform detailed vulnerability assessments anytime, anywhere, using nothing more than a Web browser. QualysGuard Consultant is ideal for security consultants and professional services teams looking to dramatically reduce their on-site time, consolidate their security tools and deliver the most accurate network security audits.

Software as a Service

Optimal on-demand from OpSource: High value, low risk path to SAAS.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model differs fundamentally from traditional enterprise application delivery. To successfully provide SaaS to end users, software companies must evaluate nearly every facet of their business: pricing, billing, sales compensation, revenue recognition, code, infrastructure, end user support, and more. As customer demand for SaaS and competitive pressures intensify, software vendors are looking for assistance in addressing these issues, in order to accelerate time to market, minimize costs, and deliver the best possible solution to their customers.

The SaaS Enablement Program developed by OpSource meets this need, by providing both a consultative and tactical approach to guiding you through the business model, code, and operational analysis necessary to successfully launch and deliver your SaaS offering. This 90-day program combines people, process, and tools for a comprehensive examination of your business requirements, followed by the formal presentation of recommendations and analysis to help you optimize the effectiveness of your software, reduce the amount of time it takes to get to market, and avoid costly mistakes or oversights.

Utilizing our SaaSTrack Analysis Tool, OpSource business consultants collect and organize information, pinpoint where you currently are on the SaaS readiness continuum, help you work through modeling tools to identify your strategy, and document the steps necessary to optimize the performance of your service-enabled application and achieve maximum ROI.

SaaS NOC Services

Fast implementation. Networks and systems monitored 24x7. Turn-key solution with all hardware and software included. Low monthly subscription options.

iGLASS Networks is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider of innovative outsourced network-monitoring solutions to a variety of clients nationwide. By providing accurate, proactive monitoring and management services, iGLASS helps businesses reduce downtime, protect revenue and increase efficiency. iGLASS prevents service interruptions by immediately notifying you when a server goes down or a network element is no longer responding. Our monitoring tools are Internet based so they can be implemented more quickly and less expensively than any comparable solution.

iGLASS Networks provides innovative, measurable, network monitoring and management solutions for companies of all sizes. By combining our knowledge of networks with our in-depth understanding of the underlying principles of network communications, we are able to offer a variety of services customized to meet each client's individual needs.

Network performance monitoring
Proactive network management and strategic analysis
Customized reporting
Expanded geographical monitoring
Minimal network downtime
Carrier grade network management
Trained, knowledgeable staff available 24x7x365
Alarm notification within minutes of service interruption

Software as a Service

Fully managed services. Expertise across all platforms including windows, Unix and Linux. 24/7 premier customer support and SLA's. Contact us today for a quote.

VeriCenter can help you build a solution that meets your specific managed service needs — and budget — with our on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) hosting solutions. With VeriCenter, you can:

Stage systems and performance testing
Host customized environments and online applications
Leverage technical expertise during deployment
Utilize management processes and disciplines
Interface with your managed environment via the Customer Portal
Developers can leverage VeriCenter's Tier 1 backbone, SAS 70-compliant data centers and Premier customer support to meet their IT objectives, and reach their goals with services that are competitively priced.

Software On Demand Hosting Platform

Dedicated Server Hosting with Jamcracker platform. Rapid deployment for Asps and Isvs that want sell Software on demand/as a service.

ServePath has partnered with Jamcracker to provide an integrated On Demand Enablement Solution for independent software vendors (ISV's) and Application Service Providers (ASP's).

This solution is the first of its kind, combining ServePath's dedicated server hosting platform with Jamcracker's PivotPath software administration platform to enable ISV's to rapidly and cost effectively offer an On Demand (SaaS) version of their applications.

On Demand Delivery Platform for Delivery, Administation, and Tracking of users and applications
Hosting Services on robust dedicated server platform
Network and Application Monitoring Services

Allows ISV's to efficiently scale operations by automating administrative processes
Flexible delivery and deployment options with ability to enable the channel
Secure and scalable hosting infrastructure
Single bill

Software as a Service - ASP

Summa Technology Group (Summa TG) uses a proven and reliable solution framework for creating software and data services. We also provide executive consulting, coaching and mentoring.

Our unique model goes beyond traditional consulting. We provide leadership by often taking leadership roles in our customers organizations. CEO, COO, Vice President positions are coupled with top-tier technology talent and offshore resources to provide you with the most cost effective solutions in the industry.

Our specialty is online business. Applications and service providers that provide their systems in an open format to the public and to organizations are particularly vulnerable to large-scale security, scalability and business model issues that must be addressed early. As pioneers of the ASP industry, we can help you get there for less money and less risk.

Our partners average over 20 years of experience and have all held top leadership positions with consulting firms, software companies and large corporations.

Software as a Service

Last mile connectivity or reusability. More than 150 different information sources.

Globalization, mergers and acquisitions, supply chain management, and compliancy requirements all increase the need to convert, migrate, and integrate data, applications, partners, and suppliers across diverse and complex environments. At the same time, most integration tools are simply too expensive, time-consuming, and cumbersome to be useful.

Pervasive data conversion and migration solutions provide the ability to deploy new applications faster while dedicating fewer resources to data conversion and migration projects. Our solutions combine easy-to-use data conversion designers with more than 150 data and application adapters for mainframe/legacy applications, relational databases, flat files, XML, Web data, packaged CRM applications, and much more.

Software as a Service

Industrial strength warehouse management software starting at $300 per month. No risk. Free 90 day trial.

SmartTurn is a professional warehouse management system (WMS) at a fraction of typical "license-and-install" software costs. The truth is you do NOT have to spend a fortune to get great warehouse software. SmartTurn is the first to offer a hosted WMS service with all the tools you need to run your warehouse more efficiently. SmartTurn on demand warehousing means you avoid hardware, infrastructure and implementation costs with a monthly subscription at a very smart price.

SmartTurn helps you take control of your warehouse by providing real-time visibility and administration of all warehouse operations anytime, anywhere using only a web browser.

SmartTurn WMS is the first true on demand WMS solution. The new standard way to deliver software, on demand offers lower risk, lower cost, and fewer headaches than traditional licensed software. SmartTurn WMS provides enterprise-class WMS capabilities as a hosted service you subscribe to over the Web. We take care of the system, so you can take care of your business.

Custom Application Hosting Services

Deliver your software as a hosted solution service. Flexible services & expert 24/7 support. Do More. Spend Less.

Microsoft Office Software Rental Service

Microsoft Office software for rent for as little as $24.99/month.

Software as a Service

360° Enterprise Solutions. Subscriber and member management tools for recurring business of any kind.

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