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Satellite Radio - Sirus (Sirius) Canada

Sirius Satellite Radio,Electronics and Accessories
SIRIUS Radio Canada (Cirus Radio)
Satellite Radio - Sirus (Sirius) Canada
Sirius Satellite Radio,Electronics and Accessories

commercial-free music channels

SIRUS is your source for commercial-free music channels. Sirus Radio reaches virtually all Canadians. Sirus digital-quality Satellite Radio in Canada.

Sirus - Did you mean Sirius?


SIRIUS is your source for 100% commercial-free music channels, where you're sure to hear something you like. Our veteran DJs will expose you to new music, including new Canadian artists, and give you fun facts about your favorite songs and artists.

SIRIUS music channels play songs you've heard, plus some you haven't, 24/7. From hard rock to hip-hop, from jazz to spoken word, from non-stop techno to vintage show tunes — you'll hear the music you love, chosen by people with as much passion for music as you.


Politics & Entertainment — if people are talking about it, SIRIUS talk show hosts are talking about it. Informative, inspiring, incendiary….we'll have a full spectrum of talk radio as diverse and opinionated as our audience. From exclusive comedy programming to just for kid's channels SIRIUS has your talk radio needs covered.

And much, much more…see the channel guide for all the details.

SIRIUS Coverage

SIRIUS reaches virtually all Canadians. With three high-orbit satellites, Canadians on every coast and in the far north can enjoy digital-quality music, news, sports, talk and entertainment channels.

SIRIUS is the premium choice for the best satellite radio has to offer — when and where you want it.

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