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US 911 3.8L powered Porsche Cayman S

Neural Blog, 9th Aug 2006

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3.8L Tuned Porsche Cayman S

The less powerfull, less aggressive brother to the Porsche 997 Carrera, the Porsche Cayman S gets a power infusion from a 3.8L X51 engine.

Tuned Cayman S with a 3.8L 400bhp Porsche 997 Motor, and plenty more!

The Porsche Cayman S has probably one of the best platforms for a high performance super car. The only problem is that the mid engined sports car has been detuned so that it doesn't impact the sales of the more powerful and faster Porsche 997 Carrera which develops 325bhp.

Out of the factory the Porsche Cayman S boasts 295bhp from its flat six 3.4L engine. This engine is borrowed from the old 996 Carrera and detuned slightly.

Farnbacher Loles has recently released it's Porsche Cayman GTR, a completely overhauled tuned and modified Porsche Cayman S, specifically designed to be put on the race track. Farnbacher Loles tuning includes a Porsche 997 3.8L X51 Power Kit Motor, this motor is offered by Porsche which produces 355bhp and is used on the 997 Carrera S. The Porsche Cayman GTR has also received a face lift with a Porsche GT3 Aero Kit, 19 inch modular wheels and painted black centers, PCCB Brakes, carbon fiber mirrors and rear tail spoiler, and a lowered ride height thanks to the racing suspension. Interior has been updated with Porsche GT3 racing seats, harness bar and six point seatbelts. Suede trim, sport steering wheel, and carbon fiber trim finish off the cockpit nicely.

Accelerating the car from standstill produces a quick chirp from the rear tires before the Tuned Cayman GTR's limited slip differential performs its duty. There's enough torque at 2500rpm to push the driver back in the seat and the Cayman GTR surges forward again at 5000rpm as the VarioCam system alters the timing. Although the Cayman GTR's acceleration isn't mind blowing, it definitely is satisfying.

Driving the tuned Cayman GTR is an experience on it's own. Although you are constantly aware that the engine is mid-mounted the additional power delivered in the rear keeps one alert. The tuned Cayman GTR is agile through the corners, crisp in and with a bit of over steer, if throttled hard, exiting the apex. Over all it's a very well balanced car. Front to rear weight distribution is 40/60 and the Caymans low polar moment of inertia, an aggressive clutch and limited slip differential and Cross/JIC 15 way adjustable coilovers with a dual spring design, two way adjustable H&R anti roll bars (22mm and 24mm, rear and front) have been included to compliment the sturdy frame.

Apparently Farnbacher Loles is busy on a 400bhp version of the Cayman GTR. By focusing on the intake and ECU remapping, and exhaust system with 100 cell catalysts, he believes that the 3.8L X51 engine can easily accomplish this feat. Even though most of the focus has been on maximizing the torque through the rev range which attribute to the crisp feel and 0 to 60 times in the 4 second mark.

The Cayman GTR is said to be priced at U$128,500 which sets it very close to the Porsche 997 GT3. U$10,000 can be subtracted for the interior, which also adds an additional 60lb due to the heavier factory seats instead of the ultra lightweight GT3 seats.

A GTR conversion will set you back U$58,500 or U$400 less then a new Porsche Cayman S.

A 3.8L X51 engine conversion alone, without the suspension, interior, aero kit, differential, etc will set you back U$17,000.

Would be interesting to see whether the lust for a mid-engined Porsche super car actually justifies it's price or would it be more worthwhile to go with the magically tuned rear engined Porsche GT3.

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