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Supercharged Boxster S? There are currently three distinct kits available for the Boxster. There is a kit available
for the 2.5L, 2.7L, and 3.2L Boxsters. Each kit features

Just got a responce back from TPC, though I might share it with you all: 380HP Supercharged Boxster S... This is an option that I have given serious considerations. Read on...

There are currently three distinct kits available for the Boxster. There is a kit available for the 2.5L, 2.7L, and 3.2L Boxsters. Each kit features a bolt-on type of installation and does not require internal engine modifications. Any competent Porsche mechanic can perform the installation process with very little trouble. The installation process is performed without dropping the motor. All Supercharger Kits feature a one year, unlimited mile warranty on the Supercharger Kit itself. The 2.5L Boxster Supercharger Kit yields a very dramatic improvement in the low and mid power bands. You can expect a 35% to 40% increase in over the stock vehicle\'s power. We only run 4.5psi to preserve the reliability of the engine and drivetrain. Since the manifold pressure is very low, an intercooler is not required. The introduction of an intercooler will cause an unwarranted pressure drop. Space is also at a premium in the Boxster and the body would have to be modified to fit a core. Therefore, it is better to forego the intercooler in the case of the Boxster Supercharger Kits. The 2.5L Supercharger Kit currently sells for $5795.00. Installation normally takes 18 to 20 hours.

The 2.7L Boxster Supercharger Kit is basically identical to the 2.5L with a few necessary changes. The 2.7L Boxsters require a set of early style headers to function properly with the Supercharger Kit. These headers are included with the 2.7L Boxster Supercharger Kits. We also recommend replacing your current catalytic converters with a set of high-capacity three-way converters. These units will actually yield an 18 HP increase. It is still of very little benefit to change the stock muffler unless you really want a different sound. You can expect a 40%-42% gain in performance with the 2.7L Supercharger Kit and high-capacity converters in place. The 2.7L Supercharger Kit currently sells for $5995.00 complete with headers. The installation process should take 22 to 24 hours on average. The high-capacity catalytic converters normally sell for $1695.00. I always try and discount the converters a little for customers purchasing the Supercharger Kit to $1395.00 or so because it really completes the kit. The Boxster S kit is the third and final Supercharger Kit offered.

The "S" Supercharger Kit is very similar to the 2.7L in the basic design. There are a few subtle differences with the 3.2 which required additional plumbing. The 3.2L Supercharger Kit also comes complete with a set of headers like the 2.7L. The 3.2L can and will benefit from a set of high-capacity catalytic converters. The performance increase will be about the same, around 18 to 20 HP for the converters. However, you will realize only a 25%-30% increase in overall power with the Supercharger Kit. The reason is very simple. As the engine size increases so should the size of the Supercharger itself to generate consistent performance. However, it is not possible to fit a larger supercharger in the tight confines of the Boxster. Therefore, we are stuck with the Model 62 vs. a larger model. The supercharger will still work and provide more low-end power and torque, just not as efficiently as it did with the 2.5L and 2.7L engines. Otherwise the principles of the Supercharger Kit remain the same. We do have a new solution to this issue available. For an additional fee you can purchase the new Digibox controller. The Digibox allows us to control the fly by wire throttle body actuation more accurately on the 2000 and newer vehicles resulting in bigger power gains. On the earlier 2.5L models the Digibox also improves fuel delivery in the mid RPM range which results in improved performance. The Digibox also allows future firmware updates to be implemented via a standard serial interface as they become available. You can expect an additional 15-30 horsepower gain with the installation of this controller. The Boxster S Supercharger Kit currently sells for $6595.00 and takes approximately 23 to 26 hours to install. The high-capacity converters remain $1395.00 plus installation. The new Digibox controller normally sells for $495.00 and installation is included with the kit.

With respect to your current Evo upgrades, the headers will not facilitate a bolt-on installation on the Boxster S. We normally utilize a set of stock exhaust manifolds with the Supercharger Kit. Some of our customers have modified their headers to work with the EVO Systems, but that is entirely up to you. The Motronic computer must remain stock to work effectively with our Digi-box supplemental computer. If you remap the computer, it must be returned to stock prior to installing the Supercharger Kit. Engine reliability will remain in the acceptable range with normal maintenance. Yes, there have been some issues with installers performing the installation incorrectly which results in poor performance or sometimes mechanical failure. This is not the norm! Most competent Boxster technicians can perform this installation very easily and without incident. All of the installation issues encountered were a result of the installer failing to either read the instructions or attempting to modify the kit. We engineer the kit so it provides a good balance of performance and reliability. As long as you follow the recommended guidelines, you will thoroughly enjoy the Supercharging experience.

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