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2011 Porsche Turbo 991 and Carrera Revealed

NeuralBlog Exclusive, Dec 19 2011 (Updated)

2014 Porsche 991 Turbo

2014 Porsche 991 Turbo

2013 Porsche 991 Turbo GT2

2013 Porsche 991 Turbo GT3

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2011 Porsche 991 Revealed! Lighter, with more power with the introduction to new ground breaking technologies. A PDK type manual box and increase in 0-60 times.

Updated 19 Dec 2011

"The Arrival of forced induction will move the 991 into another Performance League"

2013 991 Turbo

Now things start to get interesting, with the arrival of forced induction set to move the 991 into another performance league. As with the current car, the new 991 Porsche Turbo will get a wider bodywork and what is confirmed by early spy shots, big air intakes ahead of the rear wheels. The rear wheels look to be 20-inch as standard.

There's also a low rise fixed wing to neutralize rear lift at the turbo's 200mph+ top speed.

Don't expect the Porsche 991 Turbo to have a huge increase in power over the 997: "we're anticipating that the twin-turbocharged version of the latest 3.8 liter flat six will have around 520bhp. This is in comparison to the current car which throws down a whopping 493bhp and just short of the 997 Turbo S sitting at a 530bhp mark.

The combination of four wheel drive, launch control and a PDK seven speed double clutch gearbox means that the Turbo should be able to trim its time for the 0-62mph sprint to just under 3 seconds.

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An all-new 2011 Porsche 991

An all-new 2011 Porsche 991 will be revealed later this year (2010), and apparently the guys from Autocar joined the Porsche development team in South Africa to get a sneak peak at the all new Porsche 991. The 991 being the new model designation number for this version of the super sports car.

Porsche's 991 all aluminum, extended wheel base, body

We have learned that the Porsche 991 will be a complete redesign, only the third time that Porsche has taken such a large step in their 48 year history. The major change from the previous 997 models is that the entire body will be constructed of lightweight aluminum.

The second difference with the new model is that its wheel base has been extended. The exact amount has not been stated yet; however two thirds of the additional length will be located behind the driver. Porsche engineers are adamant that drivability has not been compromised, and that the Porsche 991 will remain primarily a two seater sports car.

The 2011 Porsche 991 is overall lighter than the 997 it will replace by dozens of kilos, despite bigger, heavier wheels, tires and brakes and more robust crash structures. It's also very slightly lower.

New Porsche 991 electro-mechanical steering system

Yet another large leap separating this new 991 Porsche model to its older 997 brethren is that it will make use of a revolutionary new electro- mechanical power steering system, dropping the older and heavier hydraulic power system. Porsche's engineer state that if you drove this car you would never know it did not have hydraulic steering – apparently they know just how important such a deviation from the purist mechanical design may be.

2012 <b>Porsche 991</b> Carrera S2012 <b>Porsche 991</b> Carrera S2012 <b>Porsche 991</b> Carrera S

Suspension redesign for the 2011 Porsche 991

The entire suspension has been upgraded and remodeled to an extent that there are no interchangeable parts between the older Porsche 997 models. Struts are still used in the front of the car with multi-link setup in the rear. The spring rates have been increased slightly while decreasing the dampening resulting in better efficiency in bump isolation and dramatically increasing ride quality. Finally the front track has been increased to the same size as that used in the current Porsche 997 GT3 RS race cars.

Porsche 991 Carrera S engine developing 400hp

Overall the Porsche 991 engine remains the same. What's shocking however is that the standard models are seeing a decrease in engine displacement to 3.4 liter engine. That being the same bore and stroke as that used in the Boxster and boxster s models. The wizards form Porsche have been hard at work and even though the engine has been reduced, with the addition of new cams and new exhaust the power output has been increased to 350hp. The Porsche 991S models continue to use the 3.8 liter engine which now develops 400hp. additionally the rev limiter has been raised by another 200rpm topping out at 7800rpm. A much better power to weight ration interprets to some spectacular numbers that should easily trump the Porsche 997 0 to 60 times.

2012 <b>Porsche 991</b> Carrera S2012 <b>Porsche 991</b> Carrera S2012 <b>Porsche 991</b> Carrera S

Although the Porsche folks are tight lipped we would expect the 991 Carrera S's time in the 4.5 sec mark with the regular 991 Carrera in the 4.8sec for its 3.4-litre car. This would interpret to some mind blowing times for the 991 Turbo models, estimating the manual transmission hitting 3.1 seconds to 100kph and the PDK shattering the 3 second mark and putting it in almost Bugatti territory at 2.9 seconds to 100kph.

PDK “like” manual transmission!

The PDK – which is a double clutch automatic transmission capable of supersonic shifting remains mostly unchanged, however has been sharpened up for even more sporty shifting and better shift management. What's phenomenal is the introduction of a ground breaking manual gearbox using a single clutch version of the PDK transmission. This is the first time this type of transmission is fitted in a production car providing seven gears in total, with shorter shift throws and identical gear ratios from 1 to 6 with a much sportier 7th gear.

Redesign of the interior leaning on the Panemara

The interior has been completely redesigned utilizing more of the Porsche Panamera style design features both on the dash, buttons and the seat designs. Overall the quality of the interior has been raised in par with what one would expect from a super exotic car like this.

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