2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S

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2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S

Porsche, August 2007

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S

Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S

Porsche Boxster S, Limited Edition

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The Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S offers all of the driving excitement you would expect from the Porsche Boxster S, but with features that tie it even closer to its track herit

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S

The Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S offers all of the driving excitement you would expect from the Porsche Boxster S, but with features that tie it even closer to its track heritage.

From the race inspired Porsche 911 GT3 RS Orange finish and black wheels to the special edition name plate and interior finish, the Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S demands attention at every turn.

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S - Concept

The design concept that was shown at Detroit was a direct expression of the original mid-engine Porsche roadster, the legendary Porsche 550 Spyder. In the mid-1950s, the Porsche 550 practically rewrote the rules of high performance, becoming one of the most successful racing cars of its time.

It didn't have the biggest engine, nor was it the most costly sports car of its era. What it had was innovation, pure and simple. The idea of locating a compact, freerevving engine midship gave the Porsche a nimbleness no sports car had ever possessed. The Spyder didn't have to outmuscle its competitors. It could outbrake, outmaneuver and outsmart them.

The Porsche Boxster shares this boldly intelligent approach to sports car design. Within an open-top, twoseater layout sits a mid-mounted, flat-six boxer engine, its low center of gravity helping to instill driving confidence through the corners.

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S - Design

The design of a Porsche always speaks in a universal language: People everywhere love to drive. But something about a Boxster speaks with a voice like that of a Siren. It calls to you, and resistance seems futile. From the race inspired Porsche 911 GT3 RS Orange finish and black wheels to the exterior mirrors in black and roll-over bars in orange, the exterior's promise is too enticing. What its aesthetically intelligent interior conveys is too compelling: from the black interior with Alcantara and orange trim, to the 3-spoke 911 Porsche GT3 steering wheel and the special edition name plate, the Limited Edition Boxster demands attention at every turn. If driving is your passion, there is no substitute for the sheer inspiration of a Boxster.

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S - Performance

Both Boxster models are powered by new, more potent six-cylinder “boxer” engines with four-valve cylinder heads. That smooth scream you hear each time you prod the throttle is the spirited response of an engine designed to breathe deeply. Call it lung capacity—the Boxster engine is designed to push large volumes of air into and out of the engine quickly and efficiently, with each cycle producing an emphatic power stroke. A Porsche-optimized exhaust system also enhances the car's breathing and, ultimately, its performance.

The latest Motronic ME 7.8 engine management system uses a host of sophisticated technologies first proven on the Porsche 911 Turbo to optimize induction, valve timing, ignition and fuel injection. The result: a maximum of 295 hp on the Boxster S and 245 hp on the standard Boxster model.

The newly designed two-stage resonance intake manifold helps ensure high levels of torque, even at lower speeds. A partition wall running along the length of the twin-branch distribution pipe makes the 6-cylinder engine behave like two 3-cylinder engines running in parallel in the low-rev range for improved torque at lower speeds. The distribution pipe flap opens at higher engine speeds for improved breathing. As a result, maximum torque output is now 201 lb.-ft. on the Boxster and 251 lb.-ft. on the Boxster S, with generous amounts in reserve—and readily accessible— across a broad rpm range.

Both engine variants are built with lightweight aluminum alloys that strengthen key components while shaving performance-numbing weight. The crankshaft is forged, and runs in seven main bearings. On the Boxster, the bearing bridge is made entirely of aluminum. The higher engine temperatures on the Boxster S require another approach: an ingenious mix of aluminum and cast iron. An additional benefit? The reduction in engine noise.

That throttle you've been blipping? It's electronic—every prodding is digitally tied to an uprated Motronic ME 7.8 engine management system for a throttle response that is instantaneous.

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S - VarioCam Plus

Boxster engines now include an upgraded version of our patented variable-valve timing system used on the Porsche 911 and Cayman. VarioCam Plus varies timing on the intake camshafts to optimize performance at any engine speed or load. The camshaft angle is continuously varied by means of twin rotary-valve vane adjusters. As well as enhancing power and torque, VarioCam Plus offers smoother running, better fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions.

How does it work? An electronic control unit identifies current engine requirements, then automatically and seamlessly signals adjustment of the valve timing for peak performance.

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S - PASM

Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) electronically controls the performance of the shock absorbers. By continuously adjusting the damping force in each shock, PASM balances the conflicting agendas of ride and handling. Regardless of road surface or driving style, PASM preserves the Boxster's natural agility while enhancing its ride comfort. With PASM, sharp and smooth are no longer mutually exclusive features.

Available as an option on both Boxster models, PASM is also part of the optional Sport Package, along with a high-performance, six-speed manual gearbox (2.7-liter Boxster only). Equipped with PASM, the car rides 10mm lower than with the standard suspension. PASM has two setup modes: “Normal” and “Sport.” While the former offers a blend of performance and comfort, the Sport setup ratings are generally much firmer. In either mode, PASM reacts to changes in the road and driving style by applying a variable, map-based damping force on each individual wheel.

During acceleration, braking and cornering maneuvers, a series of sensors monitors the body. A dedicated control unit provides real-time analysis and damping force adjustment as defined for the respective setup mode (Normal or Sport). You can feel the results: greater stability on poor road surfaces as well as more consistent occupant comfort.

If Sport mode is selected, the suspension is set to a harder damping force. If the quality of road surface drops below a certain threshold, PASM changes to a softer rating within the Sport setup band to help preserve the car's grip and traction. When the road surface improves, PASM returns to the original, stiffer rating.

The system remains active in Normal mode, too, automatically switching to a harder force if the car is driven more assertively. As the shock absorbers become stiffer, the Boxster becomes more stable, matching more aggressive driver inputs with a firm and authoritative response.

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S - Sport Chrono Package

Active electronic driver aids profoundly enhance the everyday driving stability of a Porsche. With the Sport Chrono Package option, you have the ability to reprogram the Boxster's electronic controls to suit your style of driving.

When Sport mode is selected (using a button on the center console), the engine management system modifies the throttle map, and engine variables are adapted to create a more aggressive level of power response. Likewise, suspension variables are skewed to meet the demands of more assertive driving. Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) switches to Sport mode, altering its baseline damping force for considerably firmer shock response, enabling faster turn-in as well as better road-holding and traction.

The threshold for engagement of Porsche Stability Management (PSM) is also raised. The Boxster becomes less susceptible to wheelspin when accelerating from a standing start. It's more agile when braking for a corner, with greater scope for oversteer on turn-in and exit—especially in lower-speed cornering sequences.

For maximum maneuverability, the Sport Chrono Package can even disable the majority of Porsche Stability Management functions. In this “standby” mode, PSM continues to monitor the forces acting on the car, but will only intervene in extreme situations (when ABS assistance is required on both front brakes, for instance).

You can monitor the results of the car's increased performance: The Sport Chrono Package includes a swivel-mounted timer in the center of the Boxster's dashboard, with a digital field that displays time to thehundredths of a second.

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S - Sport Chrono Package Plus

A second Sport Chrono option is available on both Boxster models in conjunction with the optional Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system. It offers all the functions of the Sport Chrono Package, with additional information and features.

Times can be viewed, stored and analyzed. The performance display and PCM let you track elapsed time and the distance traveled on your current trip, as well as the number of round trips completed and their respective times. The system can also display the current fastest trip and the remaining range until you run out of fuel.

Driving times can be recorded for any stretch of road, and benchmark times can be defined. Other useful features include a memory function that can store personal preferences for a range of features, including daytime running lights, “Welcome Home” lighting, climate control and door-locking functions.

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S - Wheels

The evolution of the Boxster S extends to the design of its wheels. Progressively larger contact patches between rubber and road ensure better grip and improved ride comfort. The Boxster S comes with 19-inch Carrera S alloy wheels painted in black as standard. Their design evokes the purposeful shapes of pure racing wheels. Five intricate yet crisply defined spokes project a stark functionality.

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S - Braking System

The lively horsepower of both the Boxster and Boxster S engines is countered by braking power that is still more than equal to the task. In fact, braking power is several times greater than the power output of the engine.

Both Boxster models use fourpiston, monobloc, aluminum fixed calipers at the front and rear. Stronger, lighter and more compact, the four-piston aluminum monoblocs give the Boxster an easy and immediate pedal response, assisted by a new vacuum brake booster. The calipers on the Boxster have a black anodized finish, while those on the Boxster S are painted red.

Cross-drilled, internally vented brake discs on both Boxster models offer optimum cooling and excellent wet-weather performance. Air from the front of the car is channeled to every part of each brake assembly, helping lower brake temperatures even further for higher levels of fade-resistant performance and durability.

2008 Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S - Air Bags

Sophisticated airbag safety comes standard on both Boxster models. Two full-size Advanced Airbags in front offer optimum upper-body protection, even with the top down. A weight sensor in the passenger seat automatically switches this airbag off when the seat is unoccupied or fitted with a child seat.

Augmenting the full-size airbags is a Porsche Side Impact Protection (POSIP) system with dual side airbags. Designed for the unique requirements of open-air driving, they extend the normal shoulder protection to the head and chest areas. All six airbags are deployed using an organic-based propellant that makes them lighter, more compact and easier to recycle.

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