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Suspension for your Porsche from

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Steering Racks & Components Suspension for your Porsche

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Shocks & Struts Suspension for your Porsche

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Suspension for your Porsche from

Everyone recognizes a Porsche vehicle for its speed, but the high performance suspension deserves its share of credit. Keep your handling in fine tune with your choice of shocks, sway bars, springs, and more, plus our full line of Weltmeister suspension components.

Porsche Axles, Boots & Accessories

Clicking sounds coming from the rear of your vehicle can mean bad CV Joints. Replace your worn CV Joints with a complete axle, including boots pre-packed with grease.

Porsche Ball Joint & Tie Rods

Turbo Tie Rods are popular parts for upgrading a 911 suspension, as well as our 944 Ball Joint kits that allow you to replace the ball joints without changing the a-arm.

Porsche Control Arms & Parts

If your front control arm bushings are worn and you want the comfort of soft rubber then you have to replace your a-arm. We carry new a-arms from the original manufacturer.

Porsche Shocks & Struts

Popular upgrades to shocks range from standard OEM replacements, to top performing sport shocks from professional brands like Boge, Koni, and Bilstein.

Porsche Springs & Coil Overs

Performance springs, coil over springs, heavy duty performance springs, and adjustable suspension kits give you the suspension tuning formerly available only on race cars.

Porsche Steering Fluid

Prevent corrosion and oxidation and extend the hydraulic hose life in your vehicle by using power steering oil that will assure the utmost efficiency and smooth operation.

Porsche Steering Racks & Components

For a wobbling or shimmying steering wheel, the steering column bearing or bushing may be faulty. We also have steering lines and other suspension parts for your repairs.

Porsche Strut Brace & Camber Plates

For the best cornering and handling performance in your Porsche vehicle, choose from one of our high performance strut braces, including a Cambermeister, or a Targa body brace.

Porsche Suspension Bushings

The effectiveness of suspension bushings has progressed substantially over the past few years, so an aging suspension has much to gain from a bushings replacement.

Porsche Wheel Bearings & Seals

Avoid premature bearing failure by routinely checking wheel bearings. Bearings for your Porsche vehicle are best replaced in pairs to prevent wobbling or excessive road noise.

Porsche Sway Bars & Torsion Bars

To achieve performance at the standard of professionals, our race-proven, track-tested sway bars will reduce body roll, increase lateral stiffness, and improve handling.

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