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REVO - Porsche ECU Tuning, Performance chip tuning


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REVO - Porsche ECU Tuning, Performance chip tuning
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Porsche ECU Tuning

Performance tuning ECU

Revo Porsche chip tuning

PORSCHE performance software. This race proven ECU performance tuning software will produce a good low to mid end torque increase, an improved throttle response

Revo, the ultimate in Porsche ECU performance software. This race proven performance tuning software will produce a good low to mid end torque increase, an improved throttle response and a smoother much more powerful top end delivery. When used in conjunction with the optional SPS3 device, the driver can have more (limited) control over the Porsche ECU. This functionality allows the user to adjust the car to varying degrees of performance by changing the boost pressures from the Porsche turbo (if applicable). It also can be adjusted to take full advantage of race fuel or octane boosters.

All of our development is carried out using the standard un-modified Porsche ECU, which has first been diagnostically tested for true factory results. As such the software we tune to, will perform impeccably when re-installed onto an un-modified Porsche.

Most of our performance tuning software is complimented by multiple performance programs, anti theft programs and user friendly variable table changes that become accessible when you purchase an optional Serial Port Switch. This will give you access to many different levels of enhancements built into the Revo ECU performance software. You may want to switch to take advantage of better fuel qualities, or to ensure you are getting the most from any optional bolt on tuning accessories like Porsche performance exhaust systems, performance air intake filters or intercoolers. And for the ultimate enthusiast, it allows you to tune your Porsche's fuel, boost and timing settings for maximum performance.

Most Revo software is programmed through the Porsche's Serial Port. This allows us to reprogram you're vehicle without lifting the hood, and will be downloaded into your factory ECU in just over 10 minutes!

All Revo performance software programs are switchable via the OBD2 port on your car using our SPS device. Simply plug in, select a program, wait a few seconds, remove the SPS and start the car. It is simple and there are no switches to alert of any modification.

Revo - Innovators of Serial Port Switching to the aftermarket.

After 18 months of extensive development and testing, we are pleased to announce the release of our performance software line that supports all post 2000 model year Porsche, including 996 Carrera 2 & 4, 996 Twin Turbo, GT2 and all three models of Cayenne. Like most of our software, all Porsche products are installed via the OBD2 port and it takes as little as 20 minutes to complete the process.

All of our Porsche software has been developed to work in conjunction with our unique SPS system, allowing changes to be made for driver preference and intended driving style. On the turbocharged Porsches you have the ability to make changes to boost, ignition and fuel, whilst with the normally aspirated models like the Porsche Carrera, Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayenne, you have the ability to make changes not only the fuel and ignition but throttle sensitivity also. The latter now a feature on the newer Porsche 997 Carrera S. Whatever Porsche you drive, we are confident that we can deliver to you the most responsive, smoothest and most powerful software available for your chosen application.

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