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Porsche Parts, Exterior Items for your Porsche

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Porsche Parts, Body Parts for your Porsche Automobile

Porsche Parts, Engine Compartment Soundproofing

Porsche Parts, Weatherstripping & Deco Trims

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Porsche Parts, Body Parts for your Porsche Automobile

Choose from a host of restoration parts for your Porsche vehicle, with items like replacement engine sound-proofing, hood shocks, or other popular repair items. Or dress up your existing Porsche vehicle with our exterior items like front spoilers, body kits, rear wings, and more.

Porsche Parts, Antennas & Replacement Parts

Whether your antenna is worn or inoperable, standard or powered, we have high quality Hirschmann parts for hassle-free antenna repairs at low, reasonable prices.

Porsche Parts, Engine Compartment Soundproofing

Replace deteriorating foam hood pads and engine compartment soundproofing pads with one of our updated, easy-to-install thermo-acoustic or ultimate sound deadening pads.

Porsche Parts, Knobs, Levers, Buttons, & Handles

Restore your Porsche vehicle to showroom standards by replacing worn out buttons and knobs, from heater knobs and hand-throttle levers, to fader knobs, window switches, and more.

Porsche Parts, Protection Bars & Plates

Engine protection plates, front nose protection bars, and skid plates are just what you need to protect your Porsche vehicle from damage due to driveways or other obstacles.

Porsche Parts, Tow Hooks

No more fumbling with straps through the wheels or fastening metal hooks to the a-arms. These heavy duty tow-hooks install directly to the front suspension attachment points.

Porsche Parts, Weatherstripping & Deco Trims

Tired of leaking rainwater or faint wind noises? We have all the weatherstripping and deco trims you need to seal any leaks and complete your restoration once and for all.

Porsche Parts, Replacement Sheet Metal

The best quality parts are crucial to the longevity of your Porsche vehicle. That's why we offer premium sheet metal manufactured in factories in Europe for all your repairs.

Porsche Parts, Hood Badges, Emblems, & Decals

To replace wearing hood badges, emblems, and engine decals, trust Performance Products to deliver quality parts for your Porsche vehicle.

Porsche Parts, Body Kits, Bumpers, and Wings

Adding a Turbo Tail and Front Spoiler not only adds an aggressive look, but they�re also functional, as adding spoilers can increase down force, translating to high speed stability.

Porsche Parts, Body Replacement Parts

Replace damaged or rusted body panels, headlight rings, and door handles with our aftermarket parts. Add some Stone Guards to give your 911 the Turbo look.

Porsche Parts, Hood, Deck Lid, Rear Hatch Shocks

Replace the failing shocks of your hood with one of our standard replacement or dual shock kits, or upgrade to heavy duty Weltmeister lifetime warranty deck lid shocks.

Porsche Parts, Paint & Body Repair

Give your Porsche vehicle's exterior a professional touch up for the fraction of the cost of an expensive body shop with paint kits, windshield repair kits, lacquer paint, and more.

Porsche Parts, Wiper System

Prepare yourself for the elements with new high technology wiper blades, designed to offer smooth, quiet coverage and long-lasting protection through inclement weather.


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