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Porsche ECU Tuning, Chip Performance tuning

Neural Blog, 26th June 2006

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Porsche ECU

porsche tuning

To understand the Porsche Chiptuning process, you need to know where and how the optimization will take place. The optimization will be exclusively performed in the Porsche ECU

The secrets behind Chiptuning

The Porsche ECU is typically located under one of the seats in the car or in the trunk (boxster) and uses a light code system to indicate faults in the system. The Porsche electronic control unit or Porsche ecu is the brains of the cars fuel injection and ignition system. In Most cases the Porsche ecu will fail completely with no advance warning. That being said, the number one cause of an Porsche electronic control unit failing is that the car was jump-started using cheap jumper cables causing the electrical system to surge after the vehicle is started. The other thing that happens is that the exhaust shop that replaced the Porsche muffler using a welder, failed to remove the ground cable on the battery, thus causing the high voltage to surge thru the Porsche ecu.

In any case the Porsche ecu or electronic control unit, sometimes called the car computer or brain, is typically very expensive. Drivewire carries the Porsche factory new ecus with the full warranty. .

To understand the Porsche Chiptuning process, you need to know where and how the optimization will take place. The optimization will be exclusively performed in the Porsche ECU (Engine Control Unit), that means the engine itself will not be modified in any way, only the Porsche chip (Eprom/Flash) which contains the data used for the engine management. The OEM software will be optimized and programmed to a new chip.

The Porsche ECU (engine control unit) basically consists of one or more small microcomputers which are responsible for the regulation of the engine. The microcomputer runs a program which is stored in a Memory (Eprom/Flash) device. The ECU is responsible for the whole engine management and controls, verifies, navigate and adjust all the important functions of the Porsche and it's engine. This all happens under consideration of the current load condition of the Porsche engine in conjunction of the RPM and environment variables (outside temp., air density, engine temp., etc.). This all is possible through the information of many sensors which are capable to measure Fe. Pressure, temperature, RPM, speed and amount of air with a very high precision. Then the Porsche ECU reads the stored values out of the predefined maps for the injection, ignition, charge pressure, lamda, etc. In this way, all the time the best possible ignition timing and the optimal amount of fuel in combination with the correct charge pressure is calculated out of the maps in conjunction of all the sensor values.

All this data is optimized at the chiptuning process. That means the maps for injection (also ignition) and charge pressure, are measured in conjunction to each other in the whole RPM band, recalculated and with a very detailed computer programing in relation to load and RPM optimized. This is happening in a way that the maximum possible power and torque is gained, while the tolerances for the long life time of the engine is still kept, and the maximum possible fuel economy is reached. Keeping all this in mind, a noticeable power increase and also a stronger torque of the engine is gained. Power and torque improvement of 20-30% at Turbo engines, and 8-12% at normal aspirated engines are realizable, which causes an high improvement for acceleration, agility and top speed The engine will be more agile and stronger, while the lifetime, and the every day use of the engine is at liable use and regular service intervals the same as at the stock setup.

The main purpose of stock Porsche's the regulation of the requested and maximal possible amount of injection. Since the Air/fuel ratio needs to be very exactly to let the catalytic convertor work flawless, the injected amount of fuel depends on the amount of air that is available. In addition the optimal ignition point needs to be determined, when the compressed air/fuel mixture is fired. If the ignition point is to late, the consumption will raise, if it is to early the car will start pinging. In addition the ECU has many other purposes, which will not be changed.

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