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Porsche 996 - 60,000 mile service questions

Neural Blog, 25 Aug 2006

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Porsche 996 60,000km service

Porsche 996 service

Porsche carrera service

The 60k is a major service which will include spark plugs, air filter, pollen filter, fluids, oil change, etc. The list of items checked is quite extensive, and includes everything

WOW .. 60,000 miles on a 2000 Porsche 996 cabrio, and no problems to report other then a check engine light that comes on every 6-8 weeks of driving, and an airbag light that will cost me hundreds to turn off because of some stupid wiring harness under the seat.

Question: How much US$ should a 60,000 check up cost, and is there something I should pay close attention to (at this milestone) during this service? Or is this a pretty standard service?

Book time on a 60k is 12.9 hours, which is quite extreme. The 60k is a major service which will include spark plugs, air filter, pollen filter, fluids, oil change, etc. The list of items checked is quite extensive, and includes everything from the brakes to the emergency hood releases. Quite honestly, there is nothing that you can't do yourself very easily, even the spark plugs are easy to change on the Porsche 996C2/4.

Normal price is about $750-1000 from a dealer. Here's the checklist for what they do:

1) Diagnosis system: Read out fault memory
2) Polyrib belt: Check condition
3) Change the engine oil and oil filter
4) Replace the spark plugs
5) Vehicle underside and engine compartment: Visual inspection for leaks (oils and fluids) and abrasion (lines and hoses)
6) Underbody panels: visual inspection for completeness, installation and damage
7) Coolant hoses: Check condition;
8) Radiators and air inlets at front: Visual inspection for external contamination and blockage;
9) Coolant: Check the level and antifreeze protection
10) Air cleaner: Replace the filter element
11) Particle filter: Replace the filter element
12) Fuel system: Visual inspection for damage, routing and secure fit of line connections
13) Power steering: Check the fluid level and bellows
14) Parking brake: Checking the free play of the parking brake lever
15) Brake system: Visual inspection of the brake pads and brake discs for wear
16) Brake hoses and lines: Visual inspection for damage, routing and corrosion. Checking the brake fluid level
17) Clutch: Check the play and pedal end position
18) Throttle actuation: Check smooth operation, check the full throttle position with the Tester
19) Steering gear: Visually inspect the bellows for damage
20) Tie rod joints: Check the play and dust bellows
21) Axle joints: Check play, visual inspection of dust bellows for damage, check screw connections of running gear adjustment facility, front and rear, for secure fit
22) Drive shafts: Perform a visual inspection of the boots for leaks and damage
23) Exhaust system: Visual inspection for leaks and damage, check suspension
24) Tires and spare wheel (collapsible wheel): Check the condition and the tire pressure
25) Check the door locks, lid locks and safety hooks of the front lid to ensure that they are secure and functioning properly:

26) Check lid lock, front and rear; Check safety hook, front lid; Function test, check door lock; Check door and lid tightening torques
27) Seat belts: Check function and condition
28) Vehicle lighting: Check function; All headlights: Check adjustment; 29) Horn: Check operation.
30) Windscreen wiper/washer system, headlight washer: Check fluid level and nozzle settings, pay attention to antifreeze protection in the winter months.
31) Electrical equipment as well as warning and indicator lights: Check operation.

Test drive

Remote control, front seats, foot and parking brakes (also actuation travel), engine, clutch, steering, transmission, ParkAssist, automatic speed control, TC/PSM switch, heating, air-conditioning system and instruments: Check operation.
Oils, fluids: Visual inspection for leaks

I don't know if I'd call changing the spark plugs easy since you really need to remove the mufflers and/or the rear bumper to get at the front ones.

Asking someone like me to change spark plugs is like asking a mechanic to explain what winlogon.exe is and how to remove the spyware which has infected it. Or perhaps re-flash the BIOS on your PC without bricking it, or maybe tune the VM parameters on your kernel for better file transfer.

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