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OBDII Scantool for Windows


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Most Advanced OBDII Scantool for PDAs
OBDII Scantool for Windows

Advanced OBDII Scantool for Windows

OBDII Scantool for Windows

OBDII Scantool

The AutoTap scan tool connects the special OBD II (CAN) plug-in-port on or under the dash of your car or light truck to your computer. The AutoTap scanner then translates the

The AutoTap scan tool connects the special OBD II (CAN) plug-in-port on or under the dash of your car or light truck to your computer. The AutoTap scanner then translates the signals from your vehicle's computer-controlled sensors to easy-to-read visual displays.

Did you know that your car provides data for hundreds of sensor readings? Just choose which of these parameters you want to see and whether you want to view them in tables or as graphs, meters or gauges. Set your own ranges and alarms and even pick your own colors! Once you've got a screen configuration that works for you, save it with a couple of keystrokes. Save as many different screen configurations as you need... for different vehicles, or perhaps one for major maintenance, one for tuning, one for quick checks at the track. Now you've got a powerful tool!

Powerful Display – Text displays with lots of data, Easy-to-read views with multiple parameters, Graphs to show short-term logs, and Gauges for at-a-glance readings. Multiple screens can be configured with a mix and match of all display types… all in colors that can be optimized by the user.

Quick Troubleshooting – DTC's can be checked immediately on startup, giving you the critical info you need in the shortest time possible.

Turn off that pesky Check Engine Light – Did you know something as simple as a loose gas cap can make your trouble light come on? Use the AutoTap scanner to retrieve codes and their descriptions and turn off your Check Engine Light. You can save big bucks by avoiding a trip to the dealer!

File Logging and Playback – Have an intermittent problem? Log data during a test drive or dyno pull. Play it back right on the Palm. Or, export it to AutoTap for Windows, Microsoft Excel® or any spreadsheet program.

Save DTC and Freeze Frame Information – Eliminates guesswork and time wasted jotting incomplete information into a notebook that you may never find again!

Fast Data Updates – Using a Windows based PC, AutoTap will update and log over 40 parameters per second on some vehicles!
Save multiple configuration files – With so many powerful methods of displaying data, you'll want to make use of them all! Setup and save different displays for different cars, driving conditions, etc.

Manufacturer Enhanced Data – Leading the industry, AutoTap is the first to pack manufacturer's enhanced powertrain data for Ford, GM and Chrysler into a single tool! See all the data before making your diagnosis; don't be left wondering what else your PCM knows that you don't.

V3.0 Windows Software features:

Templates for powerful graphs, tables, and gauges
Support for CAN protocol
EPA readiness evaluation with 11 system monitors
Simplified registration
Improved navigation
AutoTap Reader

Supports CAN Protocol
Entry level code reader
Read/clear DTCs
EPA readiness evaluation on 11 system monitors
Turn off check engine light


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