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25 to Life , play station 2 cheat code

Internet, 25 to Life , play station 2 cheat

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25 to Life

25 to Life  play station 2 cheat code

25 to Life  play station 2 cheat

25 to Life,
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In 25 to Life, you can play as either a cop or a gangster. Set in the heart of today's cities, the game lets you experience the gritty lifestyles of police task forces or, as a gangster, survive the local neighborhood thugs while fighting your way up the ranks. You can even uphold the law or defend your turf with up to 16 players over the Internet. Whether you bust out of prison or infiltrate the inner sanctum of the drug lord's mansion, your knowledge of the streets will be put to the test.

Beatdown bonus level
Successfully complete all twelve levels and mission objectives to unlock the Beatdown bonus level. The bonus level is fifteen waves with no reward.

Level bonuses
Level 1 "Warehouse"

Defeat 20 enemies: Flaming Beanie
Get to your car: Freeze's Starting Outfit
Take two Human Shields: 25 To Life Decals
Level 2 "Apartment"

Cover up 4 tags: Black Bandanna
Defeat 25 enemies: Barbed Wire Hat
Return to you car: Rick Ta Life Outfit
Level 3 "Downtown"

Break into ATMs (shoot them): Gold Earrings
Complete level without dying: White Sweatband
Defet 25 Enemies: Westside Knife Tat
Escape to your getaway car: Bank Robbing Outfit
Level 4 "Culdesac"

Achieve 20% Accuracy: Holster
Apprehend 5 felons: Kneepads (press Triangle to take out the Zapper, stun them, go up to them and press Circle to arrest)
Get the evidence to Mendoza's car: Officer Williams
Keep your partner alive: Tactical Vest
Level 5 "Club"

Achieve 25% Accuracy: Big Mustache
Apprehend 4 drug dealers: ATF Decals (dealers are the white people with green jerseys)
Get to the subway: DJ Envy Outfit
Register 8 Head Shots: Riot Helmet
Level 6 "Subway"

Achieve 30% Accuracy: Big Dawg Tat
Defeat 24 enemies: Sideburns
Free a cop: Full Tac Harness
Trap Shaun in subway train: Shaun's Getaway Outfit
Level 7 "Tijuana"


Defeat 60 enemies: Clock Cap Decal
Find Riggs at the club: Shaun's TJ Outfit
Tag over 4 gang tags: Mexican Flag Bandanna
Level 8 "Casino"

Defeat 45 enemies: Oozie Chest Tat
Escape with loot: Federates Outfit
Register 12 headshots: Scorpion Black Tat
Rob five cash carts: Triple Bracelets
Level 9 "Penthouse"

Defeat 32 enemies: Camo Pants
Register 16 headshots: Chest Flame Tat
Level 10 "Prison"

Defeat 30 enemies: No Parole Decal
Finish Level: Freeze's Prison Outfit
Protect Lazarus: Chinese Pain Tat
Level 11 "Mall"

Break into 5 ATMs: Black Gloves
Complete level without dying: Red Hightops
Finish level: Freeze's Mall Outfit
Level 12 "Hacienda"

Defeat 30 Enemies: G Cap Decal
Find 5 secret stashes: Bulldog Chain (in the Waterpool Courtyard there are two stashes in the vases. In front of the house on the right side in the yard is a stash in a vase. On the deck before entering is a vase with a stash. Before you fight Shaun there is a vase with a stash in front on the spiral staircase)
Kill Shaun: Daz and Tech N9ne

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