Comprehensive Analysis Tool for FMEA and FMECA


Comprehensive Analysis Tool for FMEA and FMECA

Neural Blog, 29th Aug 2006

Comprehensive Analysis Tool for FMEA and FMECA
The FMEA Pocket Handbook
Comprehensive Analysis Tool for FMEA and FMECA
FMEA Basics - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Tool for FMEAs and FMECAs

Software for FMEA and FMECA

FMEA and FMECA Analysis

Relex FMEA/FMECA was designed to handle your Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEAs) with unsurpassed power and flexibility. The methodology contained within Relex FMEA allows

FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) Software Suite from Relex

Relex® FMEA/FMECA software tool was designed to handle your Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEA) with unsurpassed power and flexibility. The methodology contained within Relex FMEA software allows you to quickly and easily analyze the potential failure modes of your system and the resulting effects of those failures. Supporting a variety of formats, Relex FMEA software is equally adept at performing process, design, functional, and piece-part level FMEAs. Additionally, Relex FMEA software takes FMEA processes to a new level by supporting two fully-featured compatible FMEA versions: a Windows-based application and a zero-client web-based front end. By allowing you to select your FMEA data entry mechanism, Relex FMEA software supports a collaborative environment conducive to a successful FMEA process.

Relex FMEA supports commonly used standards

Fully compliant. Relex FMEA software supports commonly used standards such as the MIL-STD- 1629A FMECA standard (Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis), the SAE ARP5580 FMEA standard, the SAE J1739 FMEAs, the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) FMEA, Daimler Chrysler, Ford, and GM FMEA methodologies, IEC 60812, and BS 5760. You are also free to create your own completely customized FMEA, or modify one of the supplied templates to suit your needs.

Full FMEA features

The Relex FMEA software module supports fault equivalencies to allow grouping of like failure modes and consequences to ensure consistency and efficiency in your FMEA process. Libraries of failure mode data are supplied with Relex FMEA software, including RAC FMD-97 and HAZOP (Hazard and Operability). Relex FMEA supports criticality assessment through risk priority numbers (RPN), criticality ranks, risk levels, criticality matrices, and failure mode probability calculations. Additionally, Relex FMEA software supports exporting to LSAR compatible formats.

Advanced features included in Relex FMEA software

Relex FMEA software includes all the advanced features of Relex Architect's robust, proven framework. A rich user interface is coupled with innovative features such as the invaluable Project Navigator for centralized Project control, the Relex Bar for customized one-click operations, the Task List for quick access to commonly used tasks, and data filtering for ultimate user control of data views. Comprehensive reporting capabilities include easy-to-use Report and Graph Wizards for complete user customization of output reports and graphs. Relex's Import/Export Wizard enables you to transfer your Project data to and from Relex in a variety of popular formats, including Microsoft Excel® and Access®. Additionally, Relex Architect modules are built on a common database, for optimal product integration and data sharing capabilities.

Relex FMEA software compatibility

Built for the enterprise. Relex's Enterprise Edition supports the high performance, scalable needs of large user bases. Features such as support for Microsoft SQL Server® and Oracle® databases, permission based security, user and group roles, front end web interfaces, Relex Dashboard for a highlevel overview of system metrics, audit trails for tracking data modifications, and customizable data connectors insure that Relex meets the needs of full scale, enterprise-wide teams.

FMEA and FMECA Software Tool Features & Benefits

• All industry standard FMEA/FMECA formats supported
• Automatic roll-up and building
• Web-based user interface
• Customizable workflow
• Alert module for notification of critical criteria
• Automatic FMEA modes look-up based on reliability prediction analysis
• Supplied failure mode libraries
• Fault equivalence identification numbers (FINs)
• Criticality matrix
• Risk level
• Criticality rank
• Risk priority number (RPN) calculations

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