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Online CRM Software: Salesforce and Insidesales

Neural Blog, 31 August 2006

Airframe CRM Express and CRM from Entellium
Online CRM Software: Salesforce and Insidesales
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An Online CRM with Dialing & Messaging has all the functionality as other hosted CRM providers. An Online CRM with Dialing & Messaging has all th

The Leader in On-Demand CRM, Customer Relationship Management delivers more than just a powerful, easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) product. We offer a complete architecture that empowers every business to experience the benefits of on-demand throughout its entire organization.
Products: Redefining success for customer relationship management (CRM) ranging from sales force automation, to partner relationship management, marketing, and customer service.
Platform: A ground-breaking platform for customizing and integrating CRM, as well as developing and deploying brand-new applications.

We're setting the standard for on-demand CRM. And winning the most repeat awards in the industry in the process. The customer-driven success of is based on delivering more than just run-of-the-mill product features. Instead, we listen to users like you — and translate your ideas into the kind of simple-to-use, indispensable CRM you've always dreamed possible.

Everything we do is based on the recognition that your business is unique. Rather than trying to shoehorn you into a pre-packaged "vertical" solution, we give you the tools and best practices to create on-demand CRM that works for you. With Salesforce's built-in point-and-click customization tool, AppExchange Builder, it's fast and easy to tailor the solution to fit your needs. You can do it yourself in minutes — without help from your IT team or outside consultants.

Application Directory: The world's first online service for browsing, sharing, and installing On-Demand business applications.
Services and Community: Providing a suite of services, programs, and best practices that enable customers to take on-demand success to the next level. Visit

The architecture represents the foundation for on-demand computing. Built on a world-class infrastructure and delivered on the Internet, the components of work together seamlessly to deliver the core value of on-demand — the ability to manage and share information easily.

CRM: Insidesales

An Online CRM with Dialing & Messaging™ has all the functionality as other hosted CRM providers, but it uniquely includes tools specifically for lead generation, telesales, and reps-at-home.

The best online CRM solution,™ enables tightly-coupled marketing initiatives, product sales and customer retention.™ also helps marketing organizations produce a better return on their investments, resulting in more and better leads.

At™, we know that the success of your company depends on more than just increasing the efficiency of your sales team. You need to know they can also go beyond simply managing more leads, and actually increase the close rate and overall value of all of the deals on the table. That's why we deliver the only online CRM solution that not only helps you manage more effectively, but also helps your team sell more productively.

We also recognize that no two sales organizations are alike. That is why we offer a range of product package options that meet a variety of customer needs. This way, managers can model and reinforce best business practices to increase the productivity of their teams and empower every sales rep to sell as effectively as their front-line performers on the terms that suit them best.™ gives sales teams and managers unprecedented configurability, collaboration and control capabilities, empowering them to drive more profitable customer experiences and forecast more predictable results. And because™ is loaded with extreme functionality that can be fully customized to your unique sales methodology,™ customers enjoy high rates of adoption, which speeds return-on-investment.™ is securely hosted online, so deployment is fast and no IT support is required. Our unparalleled customer support and sales experts ensure that within weeks you can implement a tailored solution to make your entire sales organization more efficient, effective and profitable.

See for yourself. Take our free trial now and experience the difference a more effective sales organization can make to your bottom line.

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