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Customer Relationship Management CRM, HP

Neural Blog, 30 August 2006

CRM Software: iRadeon and Maximizer
CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management - 1
Customer Relationship Management CRM, HP
CRM Software: iRadeon and Maximizer

CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management

CRM Software

customer relationship management

CRM Software Provides Complete Customer Lifecycle Management, customize your CRM solution, customer relationship management web based business, CRM solution to proactively automate

Connecting customer facing business processes through agile, adaptive infrastructure

Customer Relationship Management is about maximizing value with your customer. In this competitive global economy, a key business strategy is focused on infrastructure and delivery of business processes to manage and deliver customer value across multiple channels. HP, with world-class alliance partners, delivers solutions, which maximize greater profitability and improve competitive advantage .

Integrate marketing, selling and service
Align organizational structure with customers
Develop processes which enable delineation of and increase in customer value
Refine business actions
Immediate delivery of flexible, fully integrated infrastructure solutions
Ecosystem of leading CRM industry partners
Industry experience, large install base, and referenced customers

CRM: The Transition to CEM

Satisfied customers, partners, suppliers and employees are the difference between business success and failure. If these stakeholders are not loyal advocates, you face attrition, decreased competitive advantage, and decreased profitability.

CustomerSat Enterprise™ provides survey creation, deployment and management; and action management, analytics, touch rules, and controls across all surveys in your enterprise to:

Protect stakeholders from being over-surveyed by multiple business units and departments
Provide enterprise-wide measures of business performance
Uniformly present your brand to customers and other stakeholders.
CustomerSat Enterprise allows your executives and managers to:

Specify and monitor overall performance indices and other attitudes and perceptions across touchpoints, feedback processes, and customers, thereby including and engaging the entire workforce in customer-feedback-based performance measures
Create templates controlling the look and feel of all surveys, thus enforcing corporate standards worldwide
Set both individual and global business rules determining how often stakeholders are surveyed, thus conserving, and optimizing the benefits the enterprise gains from, stakeholders' time and attention in providing feedback.
CustomerSat Enterprise turns disparate, siloed feedback processes into a powerful, coordinated enterprise-wide feedback system.

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