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CRM Software: iRadeon and Maximizer

Neural Blog, 31 August 2006

CRM Software, Online or On Demand CRM
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CRM Software: iRadeon and Maximizer
CRM Software, Online or On Demand CRM

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Maximiser CRM A sales and contact manager with time management, Outlook integration and Palm OS synchronization. CRM , Customer Relationship Management software gives your organiza

CRM Software: iRadeon

Achieve new levels of team productivity with an on demand portal environment that includes the leading open source CRM, Project Management, eLearning, and Knowledgebase applications. AppPortal provides your users with single-logon capability, a simplified view of common data elements like schedules and tasks, one-click navigation between applications, and integrated search capabilities for documents stored across multiple databases.

CRM , Customer Relationship Management software gives your organization the power to manage sales, marketing and service information all in one place. With online Open Source CRM, your employees will always be just a click away from key information needed to close sales and ensure customer satisfaction.

CRM Reports - Instantly generate online summaries for key metrics like sales pipeline, sales performance, and outstanding opportunities.

CRM Activity Tracking/Scheduling- Schedule follow-up activities with prospects. Helps your salespeople keep your pipeline warm and close more sales.

CRM Contact Management - Manage all your accounts contact info in a single database. Unified views of all related information (tasks, leads etc) for each Contact and Account.

CRM File Storage- Get convenient online access to all your important marketing materials and key customer documents stored in your CRM database.

CRM Search Engine- Easily search for customer contact info, cases, and any other key info stored in your CRM database.

CRM Opportunity Tracking- Track open sales opportunities from start to finish. Keeps sales team organized and provides real-time views of your sales pipeline.

CRM Calendar- Daily, Monthly, Weekly, or Yearly View of each users upcoming appointments and activities. Schedule management ensures staff are not mistakenly scheduled for more than one activity in a given time slot.

CRM Portal Feature- Integrate all your web applications within the interface. Create custom tabs for each application in the navigation menu--easy access to all your web based tools.

CRM Case Tracking- With case tracking, service staff can increase customer satisfaction by always having access to key info about each outstanding customer request. If a staff member assigned to a case is out, another staff member can immediately pick up the case and ensure that customers' needs are met.

Maximizer: Proven, Adaptable & Affordable CRM & Contact Management Software

A sales and contact manager with time management, Outlook integration and Palm OS synchronization.

Small business owners have to perform many functions simultaneously. Maximizer, the award-winning contact manager, is designed to help you maximize your time, improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.
It works right out of the box and is easy to configure, so you can get up and running quickly and focus on your business.

As your business grows, small and mid-sized businesses need to streamline processes and improve communications & collaboration. To grow your business and continue to service your existing customers effectively, you'll need a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution like Maximizer Enterprise. In addition to all the capabilities of Maximizer, this flexible CRM solution integrates Marketing, Sales and Customer Service & Support – see details below to determine which solution is best for you.

Award-winning, intuitive, and integrated sales, marketing, customer service & support CRM software
Adaptable to your business demands
On demand access: Desktop, PDA & Web-ready
Rapid deployment & results
Works with Office, Outlook®, and accounting programs
Bullet-proof security
Architecture built on industry standards
Affordable: Lowest total cost of ownership in its class
Proven with over 7,500 customers and over 10 years focused on customer management software

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