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CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management - 1

Neural Blog, 30 August 2006

Airframe CRM Express and CRM from Entellium
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Airframe CRM Express and CRM from Entellium

CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management

CRM Software

customer relationship management

CRM Software Provides Complete Customer Lifecycle Management, customize your CRM solution, customer relationship management web based business, CRM solution to proactively automate

CRM Software

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Web-Based Customer Support Software

ProblemTracker is web-based, easy-to-use and customizable. Features include tracking, workflow, reports, graphs, e-mail notification, escalations, knowledge base, discussions and more.

Self-service Customer Support Software
Customer support is critical to customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer relationship management (CRM). NetResults ProblemTracker enables you to:

Collaborate with your customers by giving them the capabilities to submit issues and obtain status, and cooperate with you in resolving problems and developing new features using the Web
Reduce cost and improve productivity by allowing your customers to report problems directly via the Web and email, and obtain solutions from the knowledge base
Improve responsiveness by enabling your customer to submit problems and obtain status via standard Web browsers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Track and enforce your support processes
Report and measure the effectiveness of your support processes
The result is streamlined customer support, increased customer satisfaction, and higher productivity and lower cost.

ProblemTracker support portal software and hosted application offers:

Online case capture via Web and email
Auto-response email
Automatic case assignment
Case management
Workflow automation
Alerts and escalation
Knowledge base management
Customer self-service portal
Multi-national support
Service metrics and analytics

Sales Navigator CRM Software

Free download or CD. Professional customer relationship management software since 1983. Full CRM system with marketing, proposals, customer service and order entry. Multi-site.

SalesLogix CRM Software

BCS is a Best Software Select Business Partner servicing Texas. Complete online information, test drives and web-seminars for Saleslogix.

Sage CRM SalesLogix is the Customer Relationship Management solution that drives sales performance in small to mid-sized businesses through Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support automation and integration to accounting and business management applications. Sage CRM SalesLogix empowers sales professionals to be more effective sellers, and provides the information and tools they need to make profitable business decisions. Sage CRM SalesLogix also grows with the changing requirements of small to mid-sized businesses. Sage CRM SalesLogix provides an affordable CRM solution with low cost of ownership, rapid time to productivity, and high return on investment. With over 4,600 companies using Sage CRM SalesLogix worldwide, Sage CRM SalesLogix is the CRM leader for small to mid-sized businesses.

Customizable. Sage CRM SalesLogix allows you to create general or user-specific customizations. Customization capabilities enable you to achieve a quick first productive use of the product, tailor the product to their unique business needs, keep the total cost of ownership down, and achieve a high return on investment.

Integration Tool. Sage CRM SalesLogix was designed from the ground up to facilitate integration with third party packages. Powerful integration tools such as Scribe Migrate, Intellisync, and the Import Wizard make sophisticated data exchange possible. With integration to leading back-office applications, you can have access to even more key customer information. Sales reps can look at accounting data such as credit status, activity, receivable balance, and discounts.

Multi-channel Team Selling. Whether a prospect results from the web, an inside sales phone call, or an outside sales visit, Sage CRM SalesLogix allows your company to track all selling activities in all channels so you have a granular history of where a prospect came from and an idea of what you should do next.

Marketing Campaigns. Sage CRM SalesLogix delivers critical business intelligence such as ROI to allow you to see which promotional activities are working for your company. Design and launch marketing campaigns complete with tasks and associated budgets. Easily track responses and sales revenue associated with each campaign.

Advanced Sales Functions and Processes. Sage CRM SalesLogix offers tools that help you standardize your company's sales approach and monitor the effectiveness of your approach. Sales processes, consisting of a series of steps and stages walk your staff through the sales cycle. Monitor results of each step and instantly analyze which opportunities are worth pursuing.

Support. Sage CRM SalesLogix Support enables your organization to build and maintain solid relationships with customers. It offers real-time access to all relevant customer data—including products purchased, ticket and defect history, RMAs, and maintenance contract status. Sage CRM SalesLogix maximizes each interaction with your customers, enhancing customer service and providing you new selling opportunities.

Web Based Solutions. Sage CRM SalesLogix Web solutions leverage the flexibility and accessibility of the Internet. Designed for businesses needing a Web-based CRM solution, Sage CRM SalesLogix Web solutions deliver resources and tools that drive sales performance and provide superior customer support. Easy to deploy, customize, and use, Sage CRM SalesLogix Web solutions are practical and deliver low total cost of ownership.

Infinity Info Systems: CRM Software

Infinity specializes in contact management and customer relationship management in New York Tri-State area.

Web-based CRM Software

Configurable, easy-to-use Web-based CRM software tracks leads, accounts, opportunities and support tickets.

An easy-to-use, web-based, Customer Relationship Management system designed to minimize the time required to deploy an affordable, customizable CRM solution that globally connects your teams.

bTrack includes the functionality to meet all of your requirements in a single application. You choose what you want to use within your organization. We provide the security and view control to allow different individuals within your organization use the same system but only view the features they need or are allowed to view.

CRM Software at USi

Gain competitive advantage with USi's on-demand CRM solutions.

Industry analysts note 50-70 percent of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations fail to meet the expected return on investment, or are deemed failures. The overwhelming reason for this high failure rate is the lack of focus spent on designing customer-centric business strategies, and being overly burdened with the selection and deployment of CRM applications and technologies. USi has taken the lessons learned during seven years of implementing, hosting, and managing more than 50 CRM implementations to counter this trend, and in the process, has become the industry leader in delivering on-demand CRM solutions.

Inexpensive CRM Software with Invoicing

Easy-to-use client contact management software. Includes automated reminder and recall creation, invoicing, appointments billing. You own the software. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Everest - Customer-Focused Quality

Demo a complete solution for customer support and information management. Customizable, scalable with built-in notifications, reports and charts.

Improve customer relations through a proactive and responsive customer service and quality initiative. Built-in configuration options enable Everest to meet your exact requirements for management of customer complaints, internal concerns and corrective actions. Deploy across a LAN, WAN or the Internet with a Windows® client or a web-based, zero footprint client.

CRM Software

Capture business cards to your computer in seconds without typing. Sort, search and find contacts instantly. Buy cardscan today. Available for Microsoft CRM.

Imagine all of your business cards in one very powerful system.
Need to confirm a meeting? You find the contact's business card on your computer instantly – along with the notes you wrote on the back. Click on the email address, and a pre-addressed email pops up. Click on the street address, and Mapquest gives you directions to your meeting.

CardScan brings business cards into the digital age. You'll be amazed at how much more productive that makes you. No wonder PC Magazine gave CardScan their highest five-star rating. And Corey Greenburg of NBC's Today show calls it a "must-have organizing miracle."

A revolution in contact productivity. The real genius of CardScan is how it saves time you didn't even know you were wasting, in ways you didn't know were possible. Let's say you only remember a few letters of an address or phone number. CardScan still finds your contact quickly. It syncs to other contact managers and portable devices, and makes your records Web-accessible. CardScan even keeps your records updated.

eTech CRM Systems

A complete CRM sales management solution. Organize and manage your sales force and customer service with this easy-to-use Web-based system. Integrates with billing and project management.

Manage your client and employee contact activities. Track your client project proposals, contact status, customer and prospect interaction, document collaboration and employee reviews.

The e-CRM Contact Management System is designed to streamline and manage the sales cycle. From new prospect discovery to customer service the system assists all levels of management to better track customer contact and simplify the efforts to organize sales and support. We provide the ability to customize the data structure and provide links to your existing systems and your web site.

CRM Software

Shelko consulting will designs, customize, integrate, manage, and supports saleslogix and sagcrm CRM software programs for small to mid size business.

Shelko Consulting is your partner in matching your business with the best customer-management applications. Our years of experience in implementing ACT! by Sage customer-contact, and Sage CRM SalesLogix customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions help your growing business maintain a professional relationship with your customers.

We can help you decide which CRM software package is right for your growing business. We're here to remove the confusion that too often accompanies the purchase of a CRM software solution.

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