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CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management - 1

Neural Blog, 30 August 2006

CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management - 1
CRM Software, Online or On Demand CRM
CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management - 2
CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management - 1

CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management

CRM Software

customer relationship management

CRM Software Provides Complete Customer Lifecycle Management, customize your CRM solution, customer relationship management web based business, CRM solution to proactively automate

Learn about CRM before You Make the Leap

Free special reports and white papers about CRM from mid-market software leader, Oncontact Software. Click here for your free downloads.

The Oncontact CRM software solution, using the latest Microsoft .NET platform, provides a customer relationship management (CRM) system for mid-market companies, housing all the critical business information an organization needs to develop effective sales, marketing and customer service strategies.

Oncontact's easy to use CRM solution with familiar Microsoft look and feel and convenient tab orientation ultimately empowers an organization to build stronger, more profitable relationships with customers and prospects. As a CRM solution provider, you can count on us to help you stay in touch with the most up-to-date data and the most effective communication tools.

And because your company is one of a kind, you might see specific ways to make us your CRM solution provider. That's not a problem with Oncontact Software. We let you customize your CRM solution, from how the interface looks, to the type of logic built into the system. You can customize the application yourself using our built-in toolkits, Customizer and Navigator.

ClientNet online customer relationship taps the Internet to give its customers complete control of their relationship with an organization. Customers simply log onto ClientNet through a company's corporate Web site to manage any aspect of their customer relationship management web based business with that organization.

Additional Reading Material available at the site above

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Making the Leap to CRM After researching CRM providers is there anything else you should know before pulling the trigger? This document provides a clear understanding of the process you'll encounter rolling out a CRM program in your company.

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NetSuite's Award-Winning CRM+ Software

Award-Winning CRM Software Provides Complete Customer Lifecycle Management

NetSuite CRM is the only complete front-office solution that integrates all of your customer-facing activities—from contact to contract to cash. With NetSuite CRM, you have a powerful, easy-to-use tool to manage your sales processes, customer service, marketing activities and partner programs.

NetSuite CRM provides each employee with a Real-time Dashboard view into the tools and information they need to see. This demo allows you to view how NetSuite CRM can support a variety of roles in your organization. Select your role now.

Free CRM Software Evaluation Guide

Get over 100 questions CRM consultants get paid to ask. Includes 6 step methodology and detailed CRM checklist designed to prioritize your business drivers and evaluate vendor capabilities.

At Entellium, we “go deep” on CRM. As such, we're constantly examining how sales, service and marketing teams work. Based on well over 50,000 hours of usability research, we've built CRM solutions that increase the number of leads and opportunities sales professionals can effectively manage each month, and increase the number of service incidents a rep can close in a day. That's why the CRM industry has consistently ranked Entellium #1 in usability.

Entellium built its CRM solution specifically to ensure users have the tools to manage more sales opportunities and customer service incidents better than they could with any other solution to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Entellium is the first hosted CRM solution to proactively automate time-consuming activities like running reports, sending customized sales collateral and customer follow-up letters, publishing updates to the service knowledge base - even an entire customer go-live process or lead handling. Entellium automates more routine tasks than any other hosted CRM provider, so you can focus on completing the activities that make you successful.

Surado CRM Software

Surado offers effective, adaptable and affordable CRM software that is easy to use and quick to implement for small to mid-market companies who want to build more profitable relationships.

To achieve peak performance, sales teams need easy-to-master tools which provide accurate and effective results that translate into increased revenues and profitability. Surado CRM includes the features salespeople need to provide a consistent approach that drives sales.

With Surado CRM, sales professionals can manage customer accounts throughout the sales cycle. Capitalize on a comprehensive view that includes contact information, correspondence, opportunity and forecasting data, literature and presentations, quotes, orders and post-sale service history, to build lasting relationships and profit from cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Surado CRM provides a true 360-degree view, allowing a contact's relevant back-office financial information to be viewed directly.

Empowering your employees - that is what Surado CRM does for you and your team. When a customer calls, Surado CRM provides your team with an intuitive system that presents a comprehensive single view of the customer across your entire organization. This 360° view of customer interactions with your organization allows you to serve your customers with the highest possible standards.

Award-Winning CRM Software

Everest empowers your business efficiency with real-time data allowing quick reactions to business-critical conditions. Free demo CD.

Everest® Advanced is an award-winning, fully integrated business-management solution that enables you to achieve greater flexibility, control, and accuracy in all key operational areas of your small- to medium-sized business. The unparalleled results include: enhanced visibility across all business operations, increased productivity, and stronger business performance.
Everest also offers the industry's only business management application that is available both as an "on-demand" and "on-premise" solution, giving companies complete freedom of choice as they scale their business.

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