Carlsson CK35 performance kit for the new C Class

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Carlsson CK35 performance kit for the new C Class

Carlsson, March 07

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Carlsson CK35 performance kit for the new Mercedes Benz C Class

Mercedes Benz C Class Performance Kit

CK35 performance kit

The company currently uses the Mercedes Benz CK35 performance kit based on the 3.5 litre V6 for long-distance racing in an Mercedes Benz SLK. Carlsson CK35 customer participates...

Carlsson CK35 performance kit for the new Mercedes Benz C Class

Race-proven CK35 performance kit

Carlsson has been a successful competitor in the VLN Long Distance Trophy at the Nurburgring for many years. At the world's most demanding race-track for both driver and technology, Carlsson tests parts that are later to be found in its range of parts and accessories. The company currently uses the Mercedes Benz CK35 performance kit based on the 3.5 litre V6 for long-distance racing in an Mercedes Benz SLK. In other words, every Carlsson CK35 customer participates in Carlsson's racing success. "The concept of taking developments 'from the race track to the highway' applies to the Mercedes Benz CK35 more than any other engine", says CEO Rolf Hartge proudly explaining how this piece of high-tech engineering has been breathed on to ensure durability and great efficiency.

Developed in motor racing for absolute reliability and superior performance, the Mercedes Benz CK35 kits give customers the assurance that they, too, could win races with this engine. The Carlsson unit produces 217 kW / 295 bhp and presses maximum torque of 385 Nm onto the crankshaft.

Also part of the CK35 kit, the stainless-steel sports rear silencer with four oval tailpipes hints clearly but not too loudly at the increased engine output. Carlsson also modifies and significantly improves the engine's electronic control system while a sports air filter ensures that the V6 has no trouble in taking a deep breath.

The increased output coupled with effortless power delivery result not only in a better paper form but also significantly improved flexibility and, therefore, greater driving pleasure. The top speed of the Mercedes Benz CK35 is 270 km/h. The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h takes just six seconds, four tenths faster than the standard car. At the same time, the sound emitted from the four tail pipes is certain to set the pulse of every racing enthusiast.

Carlsson aerodynamic kit: the dynamic and striking alternative

Without making the car look flashy, Carlsson fits an aerodynamic kit that not only reduces lift at the same time as making the car more elegant and powerful looking but also lends an individual touch and, of course, the sporting flair so typical of Carlsson. The aerodynamic kit consists of a front apron, a diffuser-look apron at the rear, side mouldings and a rear spoiler that stabilises the car at higher speeds. In this connection, too, Carlsson underscores its close association with motor racing. All parts are made of high-grade PUR and, in addition to fitting exactly, distinguished by top surface quality. The kit also includes an electro-polished grille insert and double-headlight units with fog and driving lights for improved light output and, therefore, greater safety. These parts are also available separately for fitment in combination with the standard bumper.

Suspension components for optimum road-holding and a more dynamic look

In common with all suspension components, the sports springs used to lower the car also are derived from motor racing. Their racing equivalents have been well proven in thousands of kilometres around the Nurburgring race track. For Carlsson customers, they not only offer significantly improved handling but also give the car a more dynamic look.

B for Brilliant Edition - exclusive wheels from Carlsson

Wheels are the easiest and most expressive way of giving a car a personal touch. If they should also combine high technological qualities with sporting elegance, then Carlsson 1/11 Brilliant Edition wheels are the obvious choice. The front wheels measure 8.5x19" and are fitted with 225/35 ZR19 Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres while the rear wheels come in the dimension 10x19" and 255/30 tyres. These single-piece, 11-spoke wheels are characterised by an exclusive surface finish unparalleled in the Mercedes Benz tuning sector. The polished brilliant silver rim base and the painted brilliant silver centre, which makes the wheel virtually unmatched in visual terms, form an interesting contrast.

Unadulterated luxury inside

For the interior of the Mercedes Benz CK35, Carlsson uses on the very best materials that turn the Mercedes Benz C Class into a small Mercedes Benz S Class. The very attractive yet restrained components, which can be combined in accordance with customer wishes, make sitting in the car a great pleasure. With the ergonomically designed Carlsson sports steering wheel in leather / Alcantara or leather / wood, the driver always has a firm and extremely pleasant grip on the car.

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